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Long Term Disability Lawyer

Disability can be a distressing enough condition when it occurs for only a short period of time such as several weeks or a few months. When it occurs for much longer, the effects on a person's life can be significant and even devastating. Long-term disability can result in an inability to work or support a family, which can have serious financial consequences. There are also medical bills to consider which in itself can be very distressing for anyone to deal with. Long-term disability can result from a wide variety of different factors including incidents at home or in the workplace. They may also occur as a result of a vehicular accident or a physical trauma. Regardless of the cause or the circumstances, you will need the assistance of qualified legal professional. With the help of our lawyers, you can file a claim for your disability and get the compensation you deserve.

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Kameel & Madge Azan
"We have used Futerman Partners LLP to help process our insurance claims and found them to be very professional – very competent and the most honest and forthright lawyers to work with. We highly recommend their services to anyone."
Elvis Stojko
"Futerman Partners LLP represented me for over 14 years. Their professionalism, caring and competence is first rate. They connected with me on a personal level as well, and the organizations that hired me always praised my representation"
Susan Findlay, Beamsville, ON
"You are all wonderful people, with such tact, respect and patience. I think that is what sets your firm apart from most others: you are honest, good people. After a case is completed, you know it was handled the best it could be when you miss those who have helped you through it"

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